Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, It Works!

Construction and Demolition Waste

How can C&D materials be recovered?
Annually the construction and demolition (C&D) industry generates and disposes approximately 65 million tons of waste. Most of this waste can be reused or recycled. Contractors use a method called deconstruction, which is an alternate way to disassemble buildings and recycle the materials collected during this process. To find out more regarding deconstruction read the EPA's "Strategies for Waste Reduction..."

What types of materials make up construction and demolition debris?
C&D debris includes bricks, concrete, masonry, soil, rocks, lumber, paving materials, shingles, glass, plastics, aluminum (including siding), steel, drywall, insulation, asphalt roofing materials, electrical materials, plumbing fixtures, vinyl siding, corrugated cardboard, and tree stumps.

For a complete list of companies and facilities who accept and recycle building materials and/or sell building materials for reuse, click here.

Why buy recycled construction products?

Recycled construction products are cost-effective, reliable, easy to obtain, and environmentally friendly. In order for recycling to work, it is important to purchase recycled-content materials.